In 2015 we started making a high end kombucha that tasted great, it was a typical homebrewer story of trial and error.  No one knew what it was, so we educated our customers and named the brand "Timbucha" after our founder, Tim.  

We were fortunate to have so many upbeat craft beer drinkers who were willing to try different recipes until we nailed them down.  It wasn't long before people from all over began making frequent trips to our tap room to fill up for the week.  

Then, as evolution would predict, we started experimenting with kombucha and beer, but what happened next was really neat.  We paired up a Belgian wheat and a proprietary blend of kombucha and took it out to the craft beer shows to give people what we called the "Kombucha Experience."  They loved it.  People were floored, and at the end of 2018, Fairport Brewing Company’s Crown Jewel BuchaBeer breaks through the crowded field of emerging beverage brands to be awarded the coveted “2018 Innovation Of The Year” by industry leader, Beverage Industry Magazine.

Our customers ask all the time, "what do you have that is light?"  So now we have a lot to talk about.  A beer that has 86 calories, 5.6 carbs, probiotics, b vitamins, low abs and gluten reduced. 

We don't know for sure but this could be the healthiest beer in the world.